New Muppets viral teaser launched

9 January 2014


There’s another new promo for the upcoming Muppets movie, and it claims to feature reactions from the fan community.

In a typically arch move, the 30-second viral teaser, entitled ‘Across the Internet’, features poorly-spelt testimonials from a number of Muppet fans on Twitter, including users like @MustLoveCats11 and @WockaWocka23.

The testimonials for Muppets Most Wanted include such hearty recommendations as “I’ll prolly [sic] go see this”.

It’s a witty parody of modern marketing techniques which often rely on audience reactions if critics are likely to be negative.

It’s also very funny to hear Trailer Voiceover Guy say things like “Squeeee, sideways winky face”.

The Muppets are no stranger to viral hits; their Youtube channel has accrued an enormous 142m views since starting five years ago.

Muppets Most Wanted opens in the UK on 28th March.

[Source: EW]