New Muppets ‘Muppisode’ arrives

10 December 2013

Hi-ho, viral marketing.

With the release of new film Muppets Most Wanted just a few short months away, Disney are inevitably ramping up the marketing, and the latest example is a short online film, or ‘Muppisode’.

The Muppets have emerged as internet stars in recent years, with a string of huge YouTube hits. Their rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, made especially for the web, has racked up a staggering 34 million views since being posted in 2009.

This latest short features Kermit and the gang interacting with some WWE wrestlers, for some reason, before the Swedish Chef has a cook-off with a self-censoring Gordon Ramsey.

It’s a fun bit of creative marketing which will do well to generate some buzz for the perennially popular puppet pals.

Muppets Most Wanted, starring Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey, will be released in the UK on 28th March, 2014.

[Source: Empire]