New Matrix trilogy rumoured

4 March 2014

That is the sound of inevitability.

More rumours have surfaced of a possible new trilogy of Matrix movies, according to online reports.

The Latino Review, a movie blog with a patchy but not unsucessful record of scoops, is reporting that Lana and Andy Wachowski (who wrote and directed the original sci-fi trilogy) are working on three brand new films in the universe and have already submitted treatments and plot outlines to Warner Bros.

New films in the series had been previously rumoured, only to be shot down.

It’s believed that Warner Bros. are keen to have a big multi-picture franchise of their own, to rival a Star Wars or Avengers. They currently hold the keys to Batman vs Superman, but that is by no means a surefire hit.

The original Matrix trilogy, starring Keanu Reeves, earned $1.5bn at the worldwide box-office, and there is clearly studio appetite for more of that dollar.

It’s suggested that the new films could be prequels, looking at the origins of the war between the humans and the machines.

The Matrix Revolutions implied that Neo was not the first ‘One’.

[Source: Latino Review]