New Japanese Trailer For Reacher Round

5 December 2012

More footage and more story unveiled

Guffaws were barely suppressed in some quarters when it was revealed that the diminutive Tom Cruise was to portray the hulking 6'5" Jack Reacher, uber-moral hard nut (and literary phenomenon). But then those people are fools.

Despite the off-screen column inches, Cruise remains one of the world's biggest stars and an underrated acting talent, and with Usual Suspects scribe Christopher McQuarrie acting as both writer and director, we might be seeing the birth of another movie mega-franchise.

There is no doubt that the more Jack Reacher material we see, the more intrigued we become. In this trailer from Japan, we get to enjoy a little more context and a little more action than has been revealed so far.

Plus you can enjoy the Japanese version of 'Trailer Guy'.

The Reacher rampage begins on Boxing Day. How festive.

Source: Screen Rant