Sky Movies: new channels, new line-up

28 March 2013

We’ve made it even easier to find the movies you want on the Sky Movies channels.

Modern Greats, Indie and Classics have now been merged into two new channels to make the Sky Movies line-up even stronger and let us show more of the movies you love.

For the biggest and best-loved movies of all time, there’s new Sky Movies Greats. And if you want to discover something different from Hollywood and beyond, there’s new Sky Movies Select.

Plus, with the introduction of the magical Sky Movies Disney channel, the number and range of titles available on Sky Movies is even greater than ever.

DI Batman Begins (3)Introducing Sky Movies Greats

From Back to the Future to Batman Begins, this is the place to find your favourites from way back when to the recent past.

With a focus on Hollywood and the best of British, Sky Movies Greats is also the new home for our biggest seasons.


DI A Clockwork Orange (9)Introducing Sky Movies Select

Here's where you'll see movies that dare to be different, from the cool and the classy to the edgy and iconic.

Go off the beaten track to discover the most original, provocative and ground-breaking movies from the UK, the US and around the world.


Here's the new Sky Movies channels line up:

Sky channel no. EPG channel name
301 Sky Premiere / HD
302 Sky Premiere +1
303 Sky Showcase / HD
304 Sky Greats / HD
305 Sky Disney / HD
306 Sky Family / HD
307 Sky Action / HD
308 Sky Comedy / HD
309 Sky Thriller / HD
310 Sky DraRom / HD
311 Sky ScFiHor / HD
312 Sky Select / HD