New Bourne film due in 2015

3 December 2013

The Bourne Continuation.

A fifth Bourne film has been confirmed, and it’s due to be released in the not-at-all bloated release calendar of 2015.

Last month, Justin Lin - director of four Fast & Furious films - signed up to helm the new film in the franchise.

Matt Damon portrayed amnesia-ridden super spy Jason Bourne in the first three films but declined to return for a fourth. Jeremy Renner took his place in a new role as Aaron Cross and will return for this fifth installment.

The choice of release date is a canny move from the studio, as there are no other major tentpole blockbusters being released during that year.

Oh, apart from the Avengers 2, Fantastic Four 3, Jurassic Park 4, Hunger Games 4, Terminator 5, Mission: Impossible 5, Bond 24, Batman vs Superman, Ant-Man, Warcraft - and some obscure unsung indie flick called STAR WARS.

Apart from that, it should have no competition at all.

The currently untitled sequel is due to be released on August 14th, 2015.

[Source: Empire]