Movies on Sky 3D

14 September 2014

Anyone lucky enough to have a 3D TV will find an unbeatable selection of 3D movies on Sky 3D (Sky channel 170). Whether you're in the mood for extraordinary adventure or amazing animation, the action will hit you right between the eyes.

Here are the upcoming movie highlights on Sky 3D:

Prometheus DIFriday 19 September
10pm  Dredd

Saturday 20 September
1.30pm / 8pm  Prometheus
6.25pm  Brave

Sunday 21 September
1pm / 8pm  World War Z

Toy Story 2 DI 5Friday 26 September
7.50pm  Iron Man 3

Saturday 27 September
12noon / 8pm  Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Sunday 28 September
6pm  Toy Story
7.30pm  Toy Story 2

DI Man Of Steel Cape Poster CropFriday 3 October
8pm  Oz The Great And Powerful

Saturday 4 October
6.30pm  The Little Mermaid
8pm  Man Of Steel

Sunday 5 October
2.30pm  Man Of Steel
7pm  Monsters University