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21 November 2013 by Tim Evans

After turns as a mute, cannabalistic killer in Sin City and a football thug in Green Street, Elijah Wood completes his trip to the dark side as Frank, a serial killer of elfin young women whose particular quirk is scalping the sometimes living victims of their tresses of hair.

His modus operandi is to trawl the grubbier streets of Los Angeles in a transit van, spotting his victims, methodically stalking them and then striking without mercy, his weapon of choice being an oversized bowie knife.

Once the gory deed is done, he flees back to his urban sanctuary, a mannequin shop where he drapes his bloody mementoes on the heads of full-sized plaster models...and then chats to them.

His slaughter-and-short-back'n'sides routine appears to be going well (apart from the occasional migraine featuring flashbacks of his sluttish mum) until gamine photographer Anna (Arnezeder) snaps the mannequins in his shop window and has a chinwag with him.

She doesn't seem perturbed that he lives alone in the back of a shop full of life-sized dolls (this is LA, after all) and soon they're heading off on fun dates (a screening of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari) and taking walks in the park.

However, Frank's new-found existence as a regular guy doesn't last long when he discovers she's got a boyfriend and he's humiliated at her avant garde exhibition in a trendy gallery. Time to head back to
the knife draw.