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Lockout KA Rating 3 out of 5


  • James Mather
  • Stephen St Leger


  • Guy Pearce
  • Maggie Grace
  • Peter Stormare
  • Lennie James
  • Vincent Regan


A pumped-up Guy Pearce plays Agent Snow, a wrongly convicted spook who is offered an amnesty...if he heads into space to rescue the American president's daughter (Maggie Grace) from the clutches of 500 escaped felons who have taken over the orbiting prison ship MS: One. They're led by a couple of Glaswegian neds and the inmates also include a convict who could prove Snow's innocence. French actionmeister Luc Besson produces this fast-paced sci-fi thriller with Pearce on fine form as the wisecracking beefcake.

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