Knight Rider movie driving forward

14 February 2014

You don’t have to yell, Michael, I’m all around you.

The wheels are in motion for a big-screen adaptation of hit 80s TV show Knight Rider, and rumours abound over who is likely to fill the cast.

Sitcom star Chris Pratt, currently voicing the lead in The Lego Movie and later this year starring in Marvel's Guardians in the Galaxy, is said to be lining up to play Michael Knight, the role originally made famous by David Hasselhoff.

Danny McBride is rumoured to be the voice of KITT, the futuristic Pontiac Firebird Trans Am made indestructible and artificially intelligent by a benevolent billionaire.

The inclusion of Pratt and McBride, both known for their comedy chops, suggests this might be a somewhat more tongue-in-cheek adaptation of the crime-fighting series, perhaps along the lines of 21 Jump Street or Starsky and Hutch, both of which turned vintage TV shows into blockbuster comedies.

So far, however, the only thing officially confirmed by The Weinstein Company is that a movie is happening - everything else is hearsay. We’ll keep you posted on this one.

[Source: First Showing]