Kevin Spacey to play Winston Churchill

27 March 2014

Will this be his finest hour?

Kevin Spacey, fresh from playing one of the most corrupt politicians ever in House of Cards, will now play one of the greatest: he’s signed up for a new biopic of Winston Churchill.

Spacey will play the legendary wartime leader in Captain of the Gate, a new film looking to chronicle Churchill’s rise to power in the UK and opposition to Hitler in the early part of the 20th century.

There’s no word on whether this will be a cradle-to-grave biopic, a la Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, or a brief but important snippet of the man’s life, a la Lincoln.

Spacey’s portrayal will be by no means the first time the portly politician has been depicted on screen; Timothy Spall, Brendan Gleeson, Mel Smith, Richard Burton, Albert Finney and Christian Slater have all donned the bowler hat and cigar at various stages.
[Source: Empire]