Karl Urban raises hopes for Dredd 2

27 February 2014

The sequel.

Dredd, Pete Travis' adaptation of the the classic 2000AD comic character, was hugely well received by fans and critics alike, with considerable praise given to Karl Urban's chin-heavy performance. It had been hoped that the film would spawn a franchise and once and for all out the memory of Sylvester Stallone's 1995 take on the character to rest forever.

Sadly, the film was not a commercial success in cinemas - but that hasn't stopped a vociferous fan campaign for Dredd 2. Now, Urban has given followers of the tough-justice-loving Judge their best hope yet of a sequel.

At a Stark Trek convention, Urban (who plays Bones in the recent Trek revival) responded to a fan question by conforming that there had been "conversations" with studio Lionsgate over the possibility of a second film.

These conversations will partly be due to the film's strong showing in DVD, blu-ray and digital download sales. Though the original did not break even theatrically (earning $41m on a $45m budget), it went well into profit with home media sales.

It also has the weight of fanboy fever behind it; a petition for a sequel has been signed  thousands of times.

Nothing's set in stone yet, and we're quite a way off even a green light. But these are encouraging signs for Dredd heads.

[Source: Indiewire]