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Karate Kid Kapows The A-Team

14 June 2010 by Matt Risley

Karate-Kid-2010-07The A-Team's box office chances have been kicked into touch by The Karate Kid.The battle of the 80s reboots between The Karate Kid and The A-Team is guaranteed to dominate this summer's box office.

And in the opening round, The Kid has managed to deliver a killing blow to The Team's chances of coming out on top.

Both films opened theatrically in America over the weekend, and Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith doubled the haul in their first weekend, taking $56m to The A-Team's $26m.

While a deciding factor was undoubtedly adult content in The A-Team (which Mr T himself admitted he disagrees with), it can't all be down to The Karate Kid's family-friendly status.

Elsewhere, Shrek Forever After/The Final Chapter fell to third place, while Russell Brand's hedonistic caper Get Him To The Greek bagged a respectable $10m in fourth, and generic action romcom Killers took fifth place with $8.1m.

Nostalgia may have taken it this far, but with Toy Story 3's stateside release this week, we can't imagine it holding on for that much longer.

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