Justice League Movie Delayed Until 2020?

13 February 2013 by Mikey Papadopoulos

Development hell- a superhero's worst enemy

That Warner Bros' plans for an Avengers-esque Justice League movie are in disarray is no secret.

A recent script by Gangster Squad scribe Will Beall was rejected, with the logistics of creating a universe in which Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern, Flash and Aquaman could co-exist, while avoiding utter silliness are a challenge.

Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern film was a critical and commercial failure. A new Batman is needed. How will Zack Snyder's  Man Of Steel fit alongside all this?

Reports are that Warners are waiting to see how Man Of Steel performs before deciding on the next step. Should it be a success, we can expect a trilogy of Superman films before we then see a new Batman, and then perhaps a re-evaluation of the Justice League.

Warners are hobbled by the fact that some of the lesser known, least popular, more dated comic book characters will be difficult to transpose into a modern world.

As George Clooney's Batman once said, 'That's why Superman works alone'.

Source: Worst Previews