Joseph Gordon-Levitt For Guardians Of The Galaxy?

3 January 2013 by Mikey P

Linked With Every Role Currently Available

Another day, another Joseph Gordon-Levitt casting rumour.

After being heavily linked with the part of Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie, based on nothing more than his pivotal appearance in The Dark Knight Rises, whispers are that JGL is one of several actors being considered for the role of the Star-Lord in Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy. 

Other actors being considered include Joel Edgerton and Jim Sturgess, which implies casting directors haven't thumbed through their actors handbooks beyond the letter 'J'.

Peter Quill, the Star-Lord is a half-human, half-alien, interplanetary cop who will protect the solar system from a violent alien race.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is believed to be keen on the role in Guardians Of The Galaxy after missing out on parts in Rise Of The Guardians, Legend Of The Guardians and Kevin Costner's coastguard thriller, The Guardian.

The news was revealed in JGL's favourite broadsheet newspaper, The Times.

Source: Deadline