Joel Silver Experiments With Weird Science Remake

19 April 2013

Uber-Producer To Re-Animate 80s Classic

The 1985 John Hughes high-concept comedy Weird Science is apparently being rebooted by Matrix and Die Hard producer Joel Silver.

The film that a generation of males remember most fondly saw two high school nerds create the perfect woman using a supercomputer. It was Frankenstein but with better cheekbones, plus the scientific principles behind the story were flawless. Oh yes.

It's a film that's particularly memorable for the former Mrs Steven Seagal, Kelly Le Brock, but also for appearances by Bill Paxton and one Robert Downey Jr. What a cast. What a film.

The plan is to give the new film an edgier tone, more in line with last year's surprising and underrated 21 Jump Street.

Let's hope they treat the source material with the due reverence it deserves.

Source: ComingSoon

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