Jason Statham to join Melissa McCarthy spy comedy?

22 October 2013

Who’s laughing now?

Donnie Brasco, Erin Brockovich, Jerry Maguire, Michael Clayton, Annie Hall, Forrest Gump, Jackie Brown, Jack Reacher- the list of quality films named after their main character has a long and distinguished history.

Hoping to join that list will be Susan Cooper, a spy comedy to be written and directed by Paul Feig, the man behind Bridesmaids and The Heat.

Melissa McCarthy, currently one Hollywood’s hottest comedic talents, will reteam with Feig and according to reports, she may be joined by the mighty Jason Statham.

He may be no stranger to dry wit, but it has been a while since The Stath has appeared in an out-and-out comedy.

Pairing him with McCarthy as a fellow spy sounds like potential comedy gold and just as long as he gets to punch a baddie in the face, count us in.

Source: Deadline