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3 January 2014

After the slick if gory excesses of the early Saw franchise, director James Wan has shown himself to be an arch manipulator of the fear factor with Insidious and latterly The Conjuring.

Owing more to Hammer than Eli Roth, he continues down that satisfyingly creepy road with this sequel, an accomplished follow-up that doesn't feel like some lazy studio financier-instigated cash-in.

After the spectral horrors of the first film, the family Lambert have moved into the home of Barbara Hershey, mother of dad Josh (Wilson), after he plunged into the eerie netherworld The Further to pluck back his son Dalton (Simpkins) from the clutches of the infernal Mother Crane. 

However, it's not long before we spot a creepy woman in white drifting around the house, the piano starts playing itself and a child's stroller eerily pinballs around the joint apparently of its own volition.

Creepier still is the suspicion that Josh may not quite be himself after it looked like he did away with psychic Elise (Shaye) in the last brush with the paranormal. A police investigation proves he didn't...but the doubts still remain.