Identity Thief Trailer Arrives

28 September 2012

The new Jason Bateman comedy has a trailer. The movie re-teams Bateman with his Horrible Bosses director, Seth Gordon. 

Bateman plays an average guy, a businessman-cum-schmuck who discovers his credit card has been maxed out by an imposter on the other side of the country, so he heads to Florida to find the thief for himself. 

Turns out that thief is Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids), and getting his money back is going to prove far trickier than he thought. Especially given her propensity for punching him in the throat. 

Going by the trailer, it looks like Identity Thief will have a lot more slapstick comedy than Horrible Bosses, but Gordon, Bateman and McCarthy have proved safe bets in the comedy stakes of late, so we're keen to see a little more of this one...