Hotel Budapest star beat brother to lead role

10 February 2014

Keeping it out of the family.

Newcomer Tony Salvori beat his brother Mario to the main role in Wes Anderson's acclaimed comedy drama The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The Californian youngster and his sibling were tested after Anderson failed to find the right actor for the role of Zero Moustapha despite auditioning in Europe and the Middle East.

"There was this open call after Wes had been searching  but couldn't find anyone," Tony told Sky Movies. "He came back to California and there was me and my brother Mario and we both went into the audition."

We read the script which was very hush, hush at the time. I felt very nervous and I didn't know what was going to happen. I went in and some sort of confidence came out and about two weeks later - when I completely forgot about the audition - they called me back.

"They said: 'It's down to you two - your brother and you. One of you gets it or not. Obviously I wanted to get it. I came to Paris and I met Wes who'd watched my audition tapes. My brother and I finally got a call from my agent and said Wes wants to meet you in Paris. And I said what do you mean by you?"

And he's like you - Tony. And I was like 'Thank God' I beat him!'

We'd competed for many different roles. Some he gets, some I get. There's just healthy competition. This was a bigger deal so he was a bit distraught and that. However, he was happy for me."

Tony plays a lobby boy opposite Ralph Fiennes's larger-than-life hotel concierge in the movie.