Homer's Odyssey To Become Sci-Fi Epic

15 January 2013 by Mikey Papadopoulos

That's Homer The Poet rather Homer The Simpson

Warner Brothers are eyeing a franchise opportunity with a sci-fi version of arguably the greatest story Western Civilisation has ever produced. Yes, even better than 50 Shades Of Grey.

Homer's 8th century BC story of Odysseus' travels home after the Trojan War have inspired every great writer of the last 2700 years and now the tale of love, magic, bravery and sacrifice, via cannibals and monsters, looks to be set for a 3D space epic.

No director has yet been attached but with source material this exceptional, it should at least make for a brilliant spectacle.

We have to say, this whole idea reminds us of the 80s animation series Ulysses 31, a cult cartoon of our formative years of which we are delighted to be reminded. If the theme song, beards and impact of the film are even half as good as what you can enjoy below, Warners will certainly enjoy a huge hit...

Source: Collider