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KA Green Lantern Rating 3 out of 5


  • Martin Campbell


  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Blake Lively
  • Peter Sarsgaard
  • Mark Strong
  • Tim Robbins


The DC Comics legend gets the cinematic green light with Ryan Reynolds as hotshot test pilot Hal Jordan, the first human to be recruited into the Green Lantern Corps, sworn keepers of intergalactic peace. Learning to harness his willpower via a special ring, Hal must also master his fear before joining the Corps against its greatest adversary yet - the mega-fiend Parallax. While Bond director Martin Campbell supplies the requisite whizz, bang and zap, the adventure gets a further boost from Mark Strong as chief Lantern Sinestro, Blake Lively as Hal’s on-off sweetheart Carol Ferris, and Peter Sarsgaard as his earthly nemesis - and Parallax's puppet - Dr Hector Hammond.

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