Ghostbusters 3 to start shooting in 2015

20 March 2014

I ain’t afraid of no sequel!

It’s been talked about for decades - but it now it looks as though Ghostbusters 3 is actually happening.

Despite the recent death of a star, the dropping out of a director, and the cynicism of Bill Murray, filming is due to start either later this year or early in 2015.

Ivan Reitman, who directed the original Ghostbusters and its 1989 sequel, has confirmed he will not return to the directing chair third time around, but will produce, and assist in the hunt for a director.

Harold Ramis, a key member of the original cast and a co-writer on both films, died last month after an illness.  Reitman confirmed at the time that the threequel’s already-completed script was being rewritten as a result.

Bill Murray has been vocal for years that he is uninterested in returning to the horror-comedy franchise, which throws another spanner in the works, but Reitman is hopeful nonetheless.

Reitman told Deadine:

“The first [script] was done by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, and me, Harold [Ramis] and Dan [Aykroyd] helped them on it. It was a really good script, but then it became clear that Bill really didn’t want to do another Ghostbusters and that it was literally impossible to find him to speak to for the year or two we tried to get it going. When Bill finally…well, he never actually said no, but he never said yes, so there was no way to make that film. We decided to start over again, and I started working with Etan Cohen, with Dan lending a helping hand. Harold got sick about three years ago, and we kept hoping he would get better. I kept pushing forward on the Etan Cohen and we now have a draft that is very good, that the studio is very excited about.”

Previous reports have suggested a ‘passing of the torch’ story which would introduce a new ghost-fighting team to restart the series.

[Source: SlashFilm]