Garret Hedland set to play Captain Hook

24 January 2014

Crocodile not yet cast.

Garrett Hedlund is set to play Captain Book in a new adaptation of JM Barrie's enduring children's tale Peter Pan.

Pan, as it is currently titled, is something of an origins tale for the boy who never grew up, and it sees Hook before he became the devilish Captain. (Lieutenant Hook, perhaps?) The character will initially form a friendship with Peter, before the seeds of animosity are sown.

The main villain in this new take on the story will be the (real-life) pirate Blackbeard, who is rumoured to be played by either Hugh Jackman or Javier Bardem. In the original story, Hook was described as “boatswain to Blackbeard”.

Warner Brothers are expected to take open casting for the pre-teen title role. Brit director Joe Wright is at the helms.

This is one of three planned adaptations of Barrie’s classic novel: Peter & The Starcatchers at Disney, and a currently-untitled version from Sony, are also currently in pre-production.

All of which is good news for Great Ormond St Hospital, who own the rights to the story after Barrie donated them. The London hospital receives all royalties for any adaptations.

Joe Wright’s Pan, likely to be first out of the gate, is set to be released in June 2015.

[Source: Variety]