Michael Caine - A Carterload of Remakes

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"Remakes always fail. If you remake a good film, you're on a hiding to nothing" - Michael Caine, 2007

Of course, this quote was made just before he signed on to star in the remake of his own 1972 film, Sleuth. In his defence, he was right- the 2007 version of Sleuth isn't great either.

Caine is an actor whose oeuvre straddles the quality film spectrum like few others. He has won 2 Oscars, but conversely, has The Swarm, Jaws: The Revenge and Shadow Run on his CV. Ironically, The Swarm is currently in development by the producer of The Grudge, yet it is his classic films that have attracted the attention of modern Hollywood.

With a new version of Gambit in cinemas, that makes the fifth Michael Caine film that has been remade / reimagined / ruined for modern audiences.

We take a look at those films, and examine where they went right...and wrong.