Frozen is biggest animated movie of all time

31 March 2014

Now joins the billion-dollar box-office club

Disney's Frozen has added a new accolade to its creaking shelf of triumphs: it is now the highest-grossing animated film of all time.

The icy CGI spectacular has grossed $1.072 billion, overtaking previous title holder and Disney stablemate Toy Story 3 which had held the record at $1.063 billion.

The film opened four months ago in the US with a staggered international release. A recent opening in Japan tipped it to take the crown.

Frozen is a huge success story for the revitalised Walt Disney Animation Studios, which spent some years churning out mediocre movies for middling box-office, in the shadow of more successful partner Pixar.

When Disney and Pixar merged, John Lasseter was brought along as Chief Creative Officer to jump-start the legendary studio and it has since enjoyed a run of hits.

Frozen is Disney's biggest homegrown hit in years, winning critical acclaim and two Oscars in addition to all those piles of cash.

It has also proved an enormous hit on home entertainment release, selling 3.2 million DVDs and Blu-Rays on its very first day, and was Disney's fastest selling digital release of all time.

Frozen is now available to rent from Sky Store.