Frozen catches fire at the US box office

9 December 2013

Disney animation heats up.

Disney’s latest animated adventure Frozen made the unusual move of hopping up to first place at the box office in its second week of release, having debuted at second.

Last week, the animation - a loose adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson fable The Snow Queen - opened with the best Thanksgiving weekend take ever, but could not topple The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire from its perch.

This weekend, with Catching Fire in its third week, the two films swapped places.

Frozen took $36m, while Catching Fire took an estimated $27m. In third place was new entry Out of the Furnace, the Christian Bale drama, which took $5m.

Meanwhile, the Coen brothers’ highly anticipated Inside Llewyn Davis opened on an extremely limited release to just four cinemas in New York and LA, taking an impressive $401,000 -  $100,250 per-cinema average, which is apparently the 18th best average of all time.

[Source: Box Office Mojo]