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14 October 2008 by Tim Evans

They say an elephant never forgets. But even the most anally-retentive pachyderm would be desperate to banish this misfiring mess to the darkest reaches of memory.

Jimmy is a knackered elephant working out his last days as a decrepit spectacle in a failing Russian circus. He is of no use to anyone...except drugged-up yob Roy Arnie (Harrelson), who knows he's got a fortune in heroin stitched under his hide.

Unfortunately, so do a vicious trio of Lapp motorcycle gangsters (voiced by The League of Gentlemen) who are in a race against Roy and his gang of assorted stoners to get to Jimmy before he goes cold turkey.

Confusing things further are a troupe of animal rights campaigners, led by Kyle McLachan's turbo-charged activist, and a group of hunters trying to rein in the trigger-happy Hud Ma Specs (James Cosmo).

After the lumbering junkie elephant - who has been subdued by a diet of dope - escapes the clutches of Roy's stoners, he makes a break for freedom  - fuelled by a mis-allocation of speed -and heads off across the tundra.

Going into cold turkey, he is saved by a friendly moose...but danger is never far away and his many nemeses are closing in.

Written and directed by Norwegian cartoonist Christopher Nielsen, this lumbers along in a worst state than Jimmy despite the English language script being polished up by Simon Pegg.

It's a curiously flat affair only occasionally enlivened by the possibility that Roy and his hopeless band of stoners may be based on The Rolling Stones. Well, at least Mick'n'Keef.

Scenes of cartoon sex, an expletive-laden script and some extreme violence aren't enough to hold the attention...and you find your attention wandering. Just like Jimmy.