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8 July 2013 by Elliott Noble

Greta Gerwig plays the titular twenty-something who harbours notions of becoming a professional dancer and choreographer but spends most of her time gadding gaily around New York with her bookish BFF Sophie (Mickey 'daughter of Sting' Sumner).

So after putting her female soulmate before her boyfriend, Frances is stunned when Sophie announces she is moving in with her own chap.

Her life has reached a turning point. But, as an impulsive and somewhat self-involved hedonist whose biggest dilemma is deciding whether to pay the charge at an ATM, it takes Frances longer than most to face up to life as a proper adult.

The film follows her journey as she strives to maintain her bohemian lifestyle despite the pressures of work, affordable accommodation and the annoying maturity of her peers.

Cineastes will find much to savour, from the Woody Allen-esque structure and mood to the French New Wave beats that see Frances running giddily down New York streets and smoking sophisticatedly out of apartment windows.