First trailer for Luc Besson's Lucy

3 April 2014

Scarlett Johansson is his mule. 

The first trailer for Luc Besson's forthcoming sci-fi/ action/ thriller Lucy has arrived. 

The movie stars Scarlett Johansson as the titular heroine, a woman forced into smuggling drugs for some very bad guys. 

It all gets a bit crazy when one of the drugs enters her bodily system. But rather than turn her into a gibbering wreck, these drugs are of the designer variety, and the result is startling. 

Lucy finds new-found ass-kicking abilities, and a slow loss of all her emotions. Not to mention the inability to feel pain and see… well, everything. 

After creating such memorable heroines in the likes of Nikita, Leon and The Fifth Element, it really is typical Besson. Check out the trailer below, and expect to see Lucy in cinemas this summer.