First Pacific Rim Trailer Released

13 December 2012

Big Robots vs Bigger Monsters

Guillermo del Toro is one of the world's great directors. Pan's Labyrinth may be a masterpiece of modern cinema, but he brings the same imposing visual style to his big budget action projects like the Hellboy films.

Many were disappointed when he had to leave The Hobbit, but there can be no doubt that the project he moved to, Pacific Rim, may have less hype, but will be equally BIG.

In the first full trailer, we see the Earth under attack from mighty creatures that arrived on the planet via a portal under the sea, threatening mankind's very existence. However, we're no slouches. We've built enormous robots that will fight said beasties hand-to-claw. So let's throw down.

From the look of the trailer below, it looks big and bold and loud- Transformers with A-Levels. Sounds pretty good to us.

Pacific Rim arrives in the UK on July 12th 2013