First Official Kick Ass 2 Image Kicks Ass

21 January 2013 by Mikey Papadopoulos

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Jim Carrey have a mask-off

The first official image from the sequel to Kick Ass has been released, and it features one of the great superhero costumes.

Sometimes, the simplest of masks can completely disguise one's identity. For example, after studying the picture for some time, we have concluded that to the right of Jim Carrey, is sitting an Alsatian dog. Remarkable.

Jim Carrey looks wonderfully under-heroed as Captain Stars & Stripes, leader of the Justice Forever, a team dedicated to Truth, Justice, and American sensible footwear.

Never Back Down director Jeff Wadlow will be directing Kick Ass 2, with Matthew Vaughn stepping back into a producing role.

Another ass-kicking begins on 19th July 2013

We love typing the word 'ass'.


Source: The Hollywood News