First Hitchcock Trailer Arrives

11 October 2012

The first trailer has arrived for Hitchcock, the Sacha Gervasi-directed film about British cinema's greatest director. 

Specifically, the movie focusses on the troubles Hitch had while making his all time classic, Psycho. 

DI-Hitchcock-(5)Helen Mirren stars as Hitch's wife, Alma Reville, offering support (and friction) in his most stressful times, while Scarlett Johansson plays the part of Psycho's most famous victim, Vivien Leigh. 

Judging by the trailer, there's more than a sprinkling of witty dialogue in amongst the tense times as Alfred and his wife battle to get the movie made in an America not-yet prepared for the horrors Hitch has dreamt up.  

And Hopkins appears on fine form, taking on the mannerisms, body shape and curt voice of the legendary director. 

See for yourself below…