First Die Hard 5 Trailer Arrives

8 October 2012

The first teaser trailer for Die Hard 5 has landed. 

Die Hard 5 aka A Good Day To Die Hard features Bruce Willis' reluctant hero John McClane once again foiling terrorists and their nefarious plans, this time in Russia. 

Not only is it the first time McClane's fish has been out of US waters, he's also accompanied by his son, who has become a CIA operative since last we saw him in 1987's Die Hard

The teaser doesn't reveal too much of the plot, but it does have lots of low-angle cameras, Beethoven's Ode To Joy and a wise-cracking Willis, all staples of the Die Hard franchise. 

The jury will remain out on whether another Die Hard movie is a good idea until we see it, but judging by the interest in the trailer, it'll take a cartload of money before the reviews make any difference…