Escape From New York reboot has cast wishlist

1 September 2014

Who will be the new Snake Plissken?

A long-mooted remake of John Carpenter's cult favourite Escape From New York appears to be in the works, and a casting wishlist for the lead role has emerged.

Veteran action producer Joel Silver is spearheading the project, and Silver's top choices for the role of Snake Plissken include Dan Stevens, Charlie Hunnam and Jon Bernthal.

Kurt Russell originally starred as the eye-patch-earing commando trying to save the President in a post-apocalyptic Manhattan.

Silver has previously stated that acclaimed Batman video game Arkham Asylum, in which the town of Gotham is converted into a maximum security prison, would be a major influence.

No director is yet attached, but it's believed Hunnam leads the pack of that wishlist. THough we are still only dealing in rumours and hearsay, so take everything with a pinch of salt.

[Source: Starlog]