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Next onSat 27 Sep at 6:00AMSky Sci-Fi/Horror
Escape From LA 1S


  • John Carpenter


  • Kurt Russell
  • Steve Buscemi
  • Stacy Keach
  • Pam Grier
  • Peter Fonda
  • Cliff Robertson
  • Valeria Golino


John Carpenter's adrenalin-pumping follow-up to futuristic actioner Escape From New York sees Kurt Russell's no-nonsense ex con Snake Plissken out to save the president's daughter and retrieve a doomsday device from Los Angeles - which, in the movie's version of 2013, is now a prison island. Russell muscles through the outlandish action with a straight face and typically gung-ho aplomb, while Steve Buscemi provides weaselly relief as an inmate looking for a quick way out. Cult favourites Peter Fonda, Stacy Keach and Pam 'Foxy Brown' Grier hop aboard for an outlandishly entertaining time killer.

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