Emmerich to direct Stargate reboot

30 May 2014

A new trilogy is being planned.

Roland Emmerich is being lined up to direct a reboot of his popular 1994 sci-fi adventure, Stargate. 

Emmerich, whose credits include Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and new Sky Premiere White House Down, has been approached by Warner Bros and MGM to start a completely new trilogy based on the concept of a 'Stargate' that allows the human race to travel to far-flung places in the cosmos. 

The 1994 original starred James Spader as a scientist who solves the mystery of the gate and subsequently travels through it along with Kurt Russell's military leader and a bunch of Marines. 

The group come across an ancient civilisation with advanced technology, and chaos ensues. The film also spawned a long-running TV series. 

It's not entirely clear when the Stargate reboot will happen; Emmerich is working on a gay rights drama called Stonewall currently, and is expected to shoot the first of two Independence Day sequels immediately after.