Dredd-ful Box Office for Comic Book Reboot

24 September 2012 by Rich Phippen
House At The End Of The Street was the big box office performer Stateside this week, fending off the challenge of the thrilling cop drama, End Of Watch. 
But it was Dredd, that caught the eye, taking just $6.3m in its opening weekend despite excellent word of mouth from those who did turn out to see it. 
Those positive reviews simply didn't turn into ticket sales, with Resident Evil: Retribution ($6.7m), Finding Nemo 3D ($9.4m) and Clint Eastwood baseball drama Trouble With The Curve ($12.7m) all coming in ahead of Dredd, which even had added 3D ticket sales to boost the coffers. 
House At The End Of The Street features Hunger Gamer Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) and Tom Cruise's Cocktail stirrer Elisabeth Shue as a mother and daughter who move into a creepy house, and discover it has a horrifying secret. 
Elsewhere, PT Anderson's conman/faith/Scientology drama The Master posted a $5m return as the volume of theatres showing it increased to 800 (having opened on a small scale, the movie broke records for tickets-per-screen sales last week). Dredd, by contrast, was shown in over 2,500 screens. 
Lawless picked up a further $2.3m, as did stop-motion family mystery ParaNorman. See below for the full top ten... 
1. House at the End of the Street - $13 million
2. End of Watch - $13 million
3. Trouble With The Curve $12.7 - million
4. Finding Nemo 3D - $9.4 million
5. Resident Evil: Retribution 3D - $6.7 million
6. Dredd 3D - $6.3 million
7. The Master - $5 million
8. The Possession - $2.6 million
9. Lawless - $2.3 million
10. ParaNorman - $2.3 million