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DI Dr No Lair
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DR NO: Dr No's island lair

The first of production designer Ken Adam's many and varied techno-retro complexes from which Bond's arch-enemies would plan world domination.

Dr No's HQ is a nuclear-powered bunker from which he plans to disrupt America's space programme. Sited on the fictional Crab Key, an island off the coast of Jamaica, it's disguised as a bauxite mine and provides the backdrop for the classic confrontation between Bond and the pincer-handed megalomaniac.

The set was built by Adam, a Berlin-born production designer who had risked certain execution while flying as a Second World War fighter pilot with the RAF. His innovative, semi-futuristic sets would be used on seven Bond films up to and including Moonraker. He also designed the famous winged car for the children's film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (coincidentally also written by Bond scribe Ian Fleming).