Disney takes over Indiana Jones rights

9 December 2013

Deal undertaken by top men.

Disney added to their extensive portfolio - which includes Star Wars, Marvel, the Muppets and Pixar - with the news that they now own the exclusive rights to the Indiana Jones franchise.

Disney bought George Lucas’ production company Lucasfilm, which created the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, for $4bn last year, and have committed to make new Star Wars films for the foreseeable future.

The studio have now negotiated a deal with Paramount which gives them full distribution rights to the archeologist and adventurer in the fedora hat.

Paramount have retained rights to the original four films and have a small financial stake in any potential future films.

Indiana Jones was first introduced in 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, which was written by Lucas and directed by Steven Spielberg. He has been played by Harrison Ford in the original and its three sequels.

There’s no word on whether a fifth film is actually in the pipeline, but Spielberg and Ford have both expressed a keen interest to keep the series going, despite the advancing ages of both.

Harrison Ford is now 71, which would make escaping from boulders and swiniging from vines increasingly tricky.

Still, it seems unlikely that Disney would want to sit quietly on such a huge franchise - the four Indy films have grossed nearly $2bn at the worldwide box office.

[Source: Empire]