Die Hard 5 Featurette Now Online

4 December 2012

The first featurette for Die Hard 5 has appeared online. 

Come February we'll all be talking about whether or not more John McClane was a good idea, and debating if A Good Day To Die Hard is a "Die Hard" movie at all. 

But until then we can enjoy the build up without having to worry about whether it's actually any good. 

With that in mind, we bring you the first featurette from the set of the new movie, which this time sends Bruce Willis's vest-wearing fish into even more unfamiliar waters when he turns up in Moscow for a holiday, only to get involved in a terrorist atrocity. And this time, he's with his son. 

Jai Courtney plays that son, who also happens to work for the CIA, and he features heavily in the behind-the-scenes video we've cued up below.