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6 November 2009 by Tim Evans

Hugh Grant's stuttering charm has worked its magic on a whole host of leading ladies.

Amanda Donahoe, Kristin Scott Thomas, Julia Roberts, Elle McPherson, Andie MacDowell, Renee Zellweger, Martine McCutcheon, Sandra Bullock and Drew Barrymore have all fallen for that lop-sided English schtick.

Now, it's Sarah Jessica Parker's turn.

She plays a high-flying Manhattan estate agent whose marriage to Grant's corporate lawyer receives a bit of a dent after he indulges in a bit of extra-curricular nookie with a floosie who apparently "smells of burritos".

Desperate to win her back Paul (Grant) takes her out to dinner only for their brief reunion to end with a grandstand view of a gangland shooting.

Before you can say "witness protection scheme" they've been whisked away from the metropolitan chic of New York to a new life among the high foreheads and webbed hands of Hicksville, Wyoming.

Settling under the roof of Sam Elliott's grizzled lawman and his gun-totin' wife Mary Steenburgen, the estranged couple slowly find themselves seduced by the humdrum rhythm and take the first stuttering steps towards reconciliation.

There's no hiding from it.