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Jason Segel: Mr Bromance

29 September 2010 by Tim Evans

Jason-Segel---Vector"Women see a naked, out-of-shape man crying...and it's funny"

Jason Segel makes his first foray into animation in Despicable Me, providing the voice of Vector, a super-villanous nerd and the nemesis of Steve Carell's Gru.

He joins a cast that includes grande dame Julie Andrews as well as iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove as Margo, the eldest of three orphans.

 The actor and musician is shaping up as the crown prince of bromance with guy-centric roles ins the comedies Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I Love You, Man.

He was Seth Rogen's dopes-smoking buddy Jason in Knocked Up, the dumped composer Peter in Sarah Marshall and the man-date of Paul Rudd in I Love You, Man.

Born in Los Angeles, he had his first taste of acting at summer camp when he competed in a talent show - encouraged by his brother - singing Castle on a Cloud from Les Misérables.

At high school, he was a successful basketball player but wanted to act, taking to the boards at local theatre productions at the Palisades Playhouse in California.

Segel's big break was the role of suburban Detroit student "Freak" Nick Andopolis in the short-lived comedy drama Freak and Geeks. It was cancelled but Segel did hook up with director Judd Apatow.

Roles followed in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and he also made his big screen debut in the 1998 college comedy Can't Hardly Wait as the "watermelon guy".

Over the years he had minor roles in Slackers and Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny before Apatow cast him in the comedy Knocked Up.

In Forgetting Sarah Marshall he had to perform a full-frontal nude scene ("I won't get a date anymore, they won't be satisfied with what they saw.") and had to play the drums for I Love You, Man.

He also co-wrote most of the soundtrack for Get Him To The Greek which was performed by the fictional band Infant Sorrow

Recent work includes his first voice job, providing the spleen emitted by wannabe supervillain - and Steve Carell's nemesis - Vector in Despicable Me.