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Despicable Me Video Clips: Tennis & Footy

2 July 2010 by Matt Risley

Despicable Me TennisDespicable Me's Minions: 1001 Uses.Upcoming CGI comedy Despicable Me has a veritable ace up its sleeve in the form of its 'minions'.

And if you weren't already swayed as it is, then these Wimbledon/World Cup themed clips will be sure to win you over.

Despicable Me features the world's second best supervillain, Gru (Steve Carrell) and his continued attempts to become public enemy number one.

Armed with an arsenal of super weapons and an army of what appear to be talking Corn Pops, he sets about executing his ultimate plan - to steal the moon.

But a trio of orphans might just be cute enough to melt his black heart...

Then again, the minions may be too distracted from all their sport playing to help save (or destroy) the day.