We take a look at the bleaker side of sci-fi....

  • 1
    Total Recall: Director's Cut

    Colin Farrell steps into Arnie's shoes for Underworld director Len Wiseman's total revamp of Paul Verhoeven's eye-popping 1990 Schwarzenegger sci-fi…

  • 2
    The Matrix

    Mind-boggling, eye-popping and heralding a new era in action movies, the Wachowski Brothers' awesome sci-fi epic stars Keanu Reeves as Neo - a…

  • 3
    The Matrix Reloaded

    Time to take another red pill as Keanu Reeves' cyber-saviour Neo continues to fight the machines in part two of the Wachowski brothers' ground-…

  • 4
    The Matrix Revolutions

    The Wachowski brothers' ground-breaking sci-fi trilogy comes to an explosive climax as human saviour Neo (Keanu Reeves) aims to pull the plug on the…

  • 5
    RoboCop 2

    Peter Weller's indestructible law enforcer returns to serve and protect - unless you're a criminal, in which case he'll blow you to smithereens.

  • 6
    Minority Report

    Steven Spielberg brings flash and ferocity to another twisting tale of crime and identity from sci-fi genius Philip K Dick.

  • 7
    Children of Men

    It's London, 2027 and humanity is on the verge of extinction.

  • 8
    Star Trek

    The next generation of Star Trek movies gets off to a flying start in JJ Abrams exhilarating reboot.

  • 9
    Wing Commander

    Freddie Prince Jr, Saffron Burrows and Jurgen Prochnow star in a splashy videogame spin-off.

  • 10

    James Spader, Lou Diamond Phillips and Angela Bassett star in this ambitious space mystery.