'Curse of Keanu' strikes Passengers

14 March 2014

Rachel drops out of sci-fi romance

The "Curse of Keanu" has struck the sci-fi romance Passengers with the 47 Ronin co-star's love interest dropping out.

Rachel McAdams - who originally replaced Reese Witherspoon in the project - has reportedly pulled out just before filming was due to start.

The movie - billed as a love story between two passengers on board a space craft - has also had its planned release date of April 2015 shelved, The Hollywood reporter claimed.

Keanu's last outing - the $175m, critically panned martial arts actioner 47 Ronin - bombed so badly at the box office it reportedly put Universal Studios deeply in the red for 2013.

Passengers stars Keanu as a man who awakes from suspended animation 90 years before he is due...and wakes up a fellow female passenger when he fears he will die alone.

Game of Thrones director Brian Kirk had been due to commence shooting the film in Germany in April but the start date has apparently been delayed by at least several weeks.

Source: Digital Spy