Cruise Shuts Down Trafalgar Sq.

27 November 2012

Star performs helicopter landing for upcoming movie All You Need Is Kill.

Tom Cruise brought London to a standstill in a daring helicopter landing in the centre of Trafalgar Square.

The Hollywood heavyweight has been in the capital filming his latest film All You Need Is Kill and arrived at the iconic landmark clad in full military uniform to film a scene for the upcoming action flick.

Cruise’s presence attracted plenty of interest from locals with roads closed and the public kept out of the camera’s way whilst the film crew shot the scene. 

There were also an army of extras on hand alongside a smattering of tanks and other military vehicles. 

The scene is part of All You Need Is Kill, an adaptation of the Japanese science fiction novel of the same name, which is being directed by Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Mr and Mrs Smith, Jumper).

It stars Cruise as Lt Col Bill Cage, a rookie officer who’s thrown into a suicide mission against alien invaders. His character gets caught in a timeloop, sort of like a sci-fi Groundhog Day, where he is forced to fight the same battle over and over again, each time trying to find the secret to stopping the extra-terrestrial invaders. 

All You Need Is Kill lands in cinemas March 2014.