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Emma Stone Croods Q&A

21 March 2013 by Tim Evans

Rising Hollywood star Emma Stone has shone as a rebel in a variety of roles from Easy A to The Help. Now she plays her biggest rebel yet as a young cave girl who wants to strike out on her own in the family animation The Croods. We spoke to her.

Sky Movies: You've played feisty roles before - what attracted you?

Emma Stone: I've always wanted to be part of something animated and it doesn't get much better than this.

SM: How did you put the character together?

DI The Croods EepES: It was just so much fun. She was just so perfectly drawn, not too over-the-top. And she changed. A project like this takes years so there were many versions of Eep. I didn't quite realise how physical and alive these characters are. You could see every emotion on the character's face, unlike 2D animation. I tried for a while to do a voice, a cartoon voice...but it felt completely false and unrealistic.

SM: Tell us about the two men in Eep's life?

ES: Grug [voiced by Nicolas Cage], Eep's father, is very, very over-protective. He's a caveman living in fear and he wants to stay in the cave. Eep's trying to break away and she meets Guy [voiced by Ryan Reynolds], who has a whole different way of living, a whole new idea. When an earthquake strikes and the continents start dividing, they realise they have to change if they are to survive in this new world.

SM: What's it like to be working on cartoons in this day and age?

ES: It's a good time to be in them! It's a golden era for animated movies..but I think animated films have been pretty special since their inception, since Steam Boat Willie. The classics - from the forties and fifties - are always something you can come back to. The messages of life are there - whether you're a child or an adult. The films have always encapsulated the very basic lessons we need as humans.

SM: What do you see audiences taking away from The Croods?

ES: It's about living...not just surviving. And it's about how scary it can be to change and not just live for the present, to keep your head down and survive. It's also asking one of the big questions: Why are we here?

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