Craig, McGregor Want The Sweeney Remake

8 July 2010 by Matt Risley

The SweeneyCould Daniel Craig and Ewan McGregor be starring in a new The Sweeney?Daniel Craig and Ewan McGregor are both keen to star in the upcoming feature length remake of The Sweeney.

While Ray Winstone is already confirmed, the 70s cop drama is also rumoured to star Orlando Bloom and Tom Hardy.

A source over at OneIndia states that while Winstone will take on the role of supporting man George Carter in Nick Love's next directorial project, the main role of Jack Regan (previously played by John Thaw) is still up for grabs and sought after by a number of Hollywood's A-Listers.

"The tone of the movie will change depending on the selection of one actor from the four interested actors to play the tough cop. The Sweeney may turn bigger than the original TV show with the right selection of the cast," teased the source.

That said, the budget on the project has been confirmed at a relatively paltry $16m, so if one of the big guns did sign on, the script would certainly have to be good enough to support them.

Who would you want to see in a remake of the The Sweeney? And do you think Craig, McGregor, Bloom or Hardy would sign onto a relatively low-budget production? Let us know on our Facebook page and Twitter stream.