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  • Sion Sono


  • Mitsuru Fukikoshi
  • Denden
  • Asuka Kurosawa
  • Megumi Kagurazaka
  • Hikari Kajiwara


In this warped chiller, tropicial fish store owner Shamoto (Mitsuru Kukikoshi) lives with his bolshie teenage daughter Mitsuko (Hikari Kajiwara) who, in turn, loathes her slatternly stepmother Taeko (Megumi Kagurazaka). One night, Mitsuko is caught shoplifting but another customer, Murata (Denden), coincidentally the owner of a bigger fish store, talks the shop out of pressing charges by offering the girl a job and a place to stay. However, he's not got her best interests at heart as he's Japan's answer to Fred West. Gory shocker from cult Japanese director Sion Sono.

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